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Month of Kindness Throughout March at Allen Creek

Allen Creek Elementary School made a special, concerted effort to promote kindness throughout the month of March, encouraging students to spread compassion and positivity. Fourth and 5th grade Student Council representatives submitted ideas for a calendar and each day a different act of kindness was featured on the morning announcements.

These daily acts of kindness included making someone smile, inviting someone new to play at recess, holding the door open for someone, giving a teacher a compliment, helping clean up the classroom, and more. Students are embracing the challenge. "The month of kindness makes me feel great,” said 5th grader Joshua P., “I really love all of the fun things throughout the month. Also, the month made me get closer to some friends."

“Take one, give one” bulletin boards popped up throughout the school with the help of a 5th grade class working with their kindergarten buddies. Students can take a sticky note with a kind, positive message and leave one in its place making it more accessible and meaningful to younger learners. Student council representatives also made positive affirmation posters to hang around the school.

"With all of the compliments and letters I've received about how my friends are so happy to be my friends, makes me feel great about myself,” said Juliet B.

[Image: bulletin board with "Take One... Give One" written on it covered with colorful post-in notes with words of kindness.]

Image: March calendar with acts of kindness in each day of th week