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BRMS Students Alive with Artifacts at “Archaeology Alive!” Assemblies

Throughout the month of May, sixth graders at Barker Road Middle School participated in "Archaeology Alive!" assemblies, which highlighted many of the ancient civilizations that students studied over the course of the year in their Social Studies classes.

In preparation for the assemblies, sixth grade social studies teachers presented archaeological information to their students that was developed by archaeologist Dr. Alexander Smith and staff from the Academic Programs Department of the Memorial Art Gallery (MAG) of the University of Rochester prior to their assemblies.

During the assemblies, students became "archaeologists in training" as they rotated through eight different artifact stations. Each station had two distinct artifacts from an ancient civilization. Students sketched and analyzed each artifact and discussed what they noticed, what they wondered, what they thought each artifact was and from which civilization they thought the artifact came.

At the end of the stations, MAG Art Historian Sydney Warner Greaves revealed what each artifact was and what civilization it was from. Greaves also provided students with additional information unique to the specific artifact, as well as provided information as to how some of the artifacts connected to the lives and beliefs of the ancient cultures which enabled students to have a deeper understanding of how some of the artifacts have meaning beyond this life.

When asked, students said they enjoyed the opportunity to observe and guess artifacts, learning about connections to past civilizations and being able to gently handle ancient artifacts.