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2024-2025 School Budget Passes

The Pittsford Central School District 2024-2025 School Budget Passed. Thank you to the PCSD community for your support. And, thank you to the Pittsford District Teachers Association for providing 75 grilled chicken dinners to families in need. 

The results are as follows:   

Total voters – 1,600

Budget: $161,797,787 within the tax cap

Yes: 1,275

No: 322

Proposition 1:  Purchase 13 replacement buses and communication equipment used in the operation of buses from “Capital Reserve Fund - Purchase of Buses.”

Yes: 1,348

No: 249

Proposition 2:  Establish an “Instructional Technology Capital Reserve Fund” for the purpose of financing the purchase of computer equipment.

Yes: 1,373

No: 226

Proposition 3:  Authorization to withdraw from the “Instructional Technology Capital Reserve Fund” for the purpose of purchasing laptops to support the 1:1 device program.

Yes: 1,385

No: 213

Board of Education: Three Seats, Three Candidates            

  • Sarah Pelusio: 1,338 votes
  • Rene Sanchez-Kazacos: 1,321 votes
  • Jeffrey Casey: 1,352 votes