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2018-19 Scholastic Art Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students for receiving Scholastic Art Awards! The Scholastic Art Awards are administered by the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers, and this year, there were approximately 7,000 entrants from the Northeast Region.

Recipients of the Gold Key Award will continue on for National Competition.  


Mendon High School:


Anna Belyablya – Silver Key, Drawing, “My Sister”

Anna Belyablya – Honorable Mention, Drawing, “Bones”

Hanna Berger – Honorable Mention, Photography, “Beach Dream”

Evan Cunningham – Gold Key, Drawing, “Five Headed Self Portrait”

Annesha Dasgupta – Gold Key, Drawing, “School’s Out”

Rachel Doane – Gold Key, Photography, “Kids in Water”

Madeleine Eckhardt – Honorable Mention, Painting, “Impasto Apple”

Madeline Eckhardt – Silver Key, Ceramics, “Ceramic Relief Tile”

Abi Graham-Luke – Honorable Mention, Drawing, “Duct Tape Still Life”

Ali Hess – Silver Key, Mixed Media, “Sewn Lady”

Sierra Krienke – Honorable Mention, Drawing, “Pastel Back Bone”

Casey Memmott – Honorable Mention, Drawing, “Baby Dots”

Mckenna Owen – Silver Key, Painting, “Rusted Coins”

Melissa Rosen – Honorable Mention, Painting, “Sarah”

Tianyue Shi – Honorable Mention, Drawing, “Self Portrait in Purple”

Sabrina Wesley – Silver Key, Comic Art, “The Debtor”

Sabrina Wesley – Silver Key, Illustration, Art Portfolio


Sutherland High School:


Yawen Ding – Gold Key, Painting, “Dissolution of Thought: Suspension”

Yawen Ding – Silver Key, Sculpture, “Hipplant”

Annie Glenning – Silver Key, Painting, “Erie Canal”

Katherine Moon – Silver Key, Print, “Sleep”

Jasper Owen – Silver Key, Illustration, “Deadwood”

Kate Paku – Honorable Mention, Animation, “Self-Expression”

Vitaly Pronin – Honorable Mention, Art Portfolio, “Stylized Characters”

John Scharf – Silver Key, Animation, “Eggs on Leggs”

Skanda Sriganesh – Honorable Mention, Painting, “Waterfall Paradise”

Sarah Woodams – Silver Key, Photograph, “Frozen Spring”