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PCSD Students to Attend ROC2Change Student Summit on Race

Mendon and Sutherland High School Students will attend the virtual ROC2Change Student Summit on Race hosted by Hilton Central School District and East High School this month. ROC2Change is a student led event that brings together schools from across Monroe County, both public and private, to engage in facilitated dialogue with peers related to race, racism, privilege, internalized racism, non-racism and anti-racism.

Leading up to ROC2Change, Mendon and Sutherland High School students have met both virtually and in person to facilitate various discussions and activities related to diversity and equity. Some of these events have included a book circle where students read and discussed a book related to diversity and inclusion, a screening and discussion of the documentary “Clarissa Uprooted,” and meeting circles to discuss current events and local equity initiatives. These events are open to all students to attend.