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Religious Observance and PCSD

Differences in culture, gender, generations, backgrounds, and religion shape who we are as a school community. Our community becomes more diverse every year, increasing the importance of sensitivity to families and students from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. Respect and acceptance to such a diversity of students is vitally necessary to those of us who are responsible for modeling the behavior we want in our children.

The District strives to promote inclusivity through its policies and actions. Our community and school district are sensitive to the issues of religious freedom. It is our belief and practice that every student should be supported and protected with respect to religious philosophies and observances.

Our curriculum appropriately recognizes the impact of religion on cultures, institutions, and individuals. Instruction may be provided about the influence and customs of world religions. Displays of associated symbols are appropriate if they are clearly used as part of a curriculum dealing with cultures or customs.

Parents have a right to determine when their children will be absent from school because of a religious observance. Students will not be penalized or suffer prejudicial consequences for an excused absence for religious observance, and will be allowed reasonable opportunities to make up work missed during such absences.  Parents are encouraged to inform the school as soon as possible of the absence in order that arrangements can be made for any missed work. The school principal should be contacted if any questions or problems occur. 

For your reference, the 2021/2022 Pittsford School calendar contains a page offering a sampling of the dates for and description of several religious and cultural holidays occurring during this school year.

Your cooperation is appreciated as we strive to foster an environment that respects and values the rich diversity of our community and schools.