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Recommendations from Listening Circles with Parents/Guardians

Pittsford Central School District hosted Parent/Guardian Listening Circles, facilitated by Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PIRI) and the Children’s Institute, on October 13, 2021, to provide small group opportunities to connect and share feedback with the District related to racial incidents and the continued work of dismantling racism in our schools and creating a more equitable school environment.

Following the event, the District Planning Team and Inclusivity Advisory Committee processed the feedback, compared it to the District's current Equity and Inclusion Goals, and made recommendations for potential additions to these goals as well as areas where more specificity may be required. Recommendations included regular progress updates to the Board of Education and community, student voice and input via the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council established in 2017/18, updates to the Code of Conduct to include specific language regarding harassment and discrimination based on protected categories (race, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc), more clarity around violations to the Dignity for All Students Act (DASA), and new teacher training on how to effectively use the District’s Equity Toolkit and Resources.

The recommendations will be written into specific, measurable goals, added to the current Equity Goals, and shared with the Board of Education and community. The District also plans to host quarterly opportunities for parents and caregivers to dialogue with District staff around a variety of topics. At the first of these quarterly events, the District will share specific work that has been accomplished, answer questions and gather feedback from community members who attend.  For more information, visit the District’s Equity and Inclusion webpage at