Staff Recruiting Processes

Posted by Nancy Wayman on 5/17/2018

Date: May 17, 2018

Source of Inaccuracy: Facebook

By its very nature, the school district is a part of many posts and conversations on social media. PCSD avoids interfering with discussions and opinion-making on social media unless the content becomes a safety/privacy concern, the community becomes unsettled, inaccurate facts are shared, or there is a violation of policy or law. In the case of this Fact Checker post, the District would like to provide accurate information about its recruiting processes.

Having a highly qualified and diverse professional staff is important to PCSD. Nationally, school districts have been challenged with a 30-40% decline in the number of students enrolled in teacher preparatory programs over the past few years. Even before this decline, the number of students with diverse backgrounds entering these programs was a small percentage, exacerbating the challenge.

However, there are many ways in which PCSD continues to expand its recruiting practices to reach a wider, diverse and highly qualified applicant pool. Some examples of these efforts to attract a robust, qualified applicant pool include, but are not limited to:

  • Attending national job fairs
  • Attending local job fairs, including those sponsored by local colleges
  • Participating in a local high school program called “Careers in Education” that is designed to share information about teaching and other education career opportunities with the goal of developing and recruiting local talent
  • Ongoing professional development on diversity and inclusion through Cornell University’s Industrial and Labor Relations School and other programs

Our highly collaborative hiring process involves multiple stakeholder representatives who participate from the point of screening applicants through the interviewing and hiring processes. Community members regularly send PCSD recommendations for strong teacher or administrative candidates. We continue to encourage our stakeholders to refer interested candidates to the application found at this link: PCSD Job Application.

Please note, PCSD has no affiliation with the email address listed in recent social media posts. We would like any candidate applying to PCSD to know that the District does not generally utilize outside recruiting services and would only use official email addresses with the extension.


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