Pittsford Musicals and Performance Space

Posted by Nancy Wayman on 6/5/2018

Date: June 5, 2018

Source of Inaccuracy: Website

Pittsford Musicals posted misleading information on its website that was then shared on various Facebook pages and with the local news media. The concerns that were publically posted were never conveyed to the Superintendent, nor sent to the Board of Education. At no point did either Board of Education or Superintendent share that Pittsford Musicals could not use PCSD facilities.

Instead, Pittsford Musicals chose to voice their dissatisfaction at a public Board of Education meeting. Meanwhile, PCSD staff members had been working with Pittsford Musicals for months trying to find a comfortable compromise that would allow the District to meet our student coursework obligations, functions, assemblies, plays, musicals, and host student-led extra-curricular events. In previous year’s when there was a concern, PM reached out and District administrators, including the Superintendent always found a compromise that worked for both parties.  Again, this did not happen this year.

On May 16, 2018 PCSD offered its facilities in an email to Pittsford Musicals for a 17-day period in September 2018. This was an offer made in good faith and in advance of finalizing the 18-19 school calendar. As of today, we have not heard back from Pittsford Musicals about this proposal. Pittsford Musicals decided on their own to cancel this year’s fall production. Pittsford Musicals was a valued partner and PCSD is saddened that Pittsford Musicals’ actions have resulted in this cancelation.

Pittsford Musicals requires a dedicated auditorium facility over multiple weeks/weekends, during the school year, for rehearsals and construction of a set. While Pittsford Musicals is in our school, our students do not have access to the auditorium, its adjacent spaces, and other school events compete for parking spaces. As student programming continues to increase, the window of opportunity shortens for outside organizations to use the facilities, particularly for those groups that need facilities for a multiple week/weekend event. However, PCSD was still more than willing to work with Pittsford Musicals.

Finally, Pittsford Musicals has grown and evolved over the years into an organization whose membership is predominantly made up of non-Pittsford residents; yet up to now, PCSD has always ensured a space for their performances.


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