PCSD Welcomes Kindergarteners for their First Full-Day of School

As summer winds down and fall approaches, Pittsford Central School District looks forward to welcoming kindergarten students for the District’s first Full-Day Kindergarten program. While students were away this summer, PCSD teachers and staff diligently prepared for the launch of the program. Curriculum plans were finalized and materials were delivered to ensure the Full-Day Kindergarten program is up and running when students arrive for the first day of school on Sept. 5, 2018.

With the launch of the Full-Day Kindergarten program, kindergarten students will now have the opportunity to experience all the benefits of an engaging, developmentally appropriate full-day program. Programmatically, a Full-Day Kindergarten program will allow for lessons in reading, writing, math, free choice time, and recess as well as science and social studies content exploration. Art teachers will have the opportunity to teach art to kindergarteners for the first time, and there will be more time for music and physical education.

“The introduction of Full-Day Kindergarten will put Pittsford students on equal ground with other kindergarteners throughout Monroe County and the state who have benefited from existing Full-Day Kindergarten programs,” said Superintendent Pero. “Research shows that children who attend Full-Day Kindergarten show greater social and emotional development. They are also better prepared for first grade, demonstrate stronger learning skills, and earn higher academic achievement in later grades. To be able to roll out a Full-Day Kindergarten program is something we’ve been striving for and is a real win-win for the District and the children we serve,” he said.

In preparation for the transition from a half-day kindergarten program to a full-day program, PCSD kindergarten teachers participated in several professional development programs over the summer on expanded math and literacy curriculums. During these sessions, guest speakers demonstrated the use of new program manipulatives, materials and resources, and kindergarten teachers learned about new classroom set-ups, lunch routines, recess schedules and much more.

Throughout the summer trucks loaded with furniture, materials and curriculum resources made deliveries to PCSD classrooms. Staff members coordinated with different departments and organizations to meticulously manage the deliveries and guarantee the supplies would be ready for the first day of school.

The culmination of the District’s Full-Day Kindergarten preparations happens on August 28 and 29 when kindergarten students and parents/guardians visit their elementary schools to spend time in classrooms and meet building principals and teachers.


Teachers participate in professional development programs Teachers participate in professional development programs

PCSD Kindergarten teachers participated in professional development programs.


Materials delivered to PCSD Kindergarten classrooms Materials delivered to PCSD Kindergarten classrooms

Materials and curriculum resources were delivered to PCSD kindergarten classrooms.