Sheriff’s Office provides “Active Threat Assessment Training”

Over the summer, members of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), including the SWAT Team, presented Active Threat Assessment Training to 75 stakeholders that included teachers, clerical, parents, administrators and the Board of Education. The purpose of the training was to further build on our existing partnership with law enforcement and to learn the newest protocols for use during an active shooter scenario.

“The training was practical in nature and informed the District’s leadership about critical actions we need to consider taking so as to be better prepared to assess and respond during a threatening situation. This training opened with a re-enacted video from within Columbine High School as that school shooting began. It was difficult to watch, but important,” said Superintendent Pero.

MCSO predicts that it can be onsite at any PCSD school within minutes of a call to 911. Therefore, one of the key takeaways from this training is that surviving the first few minutes of an active shooter attack significantly increases the chance for survival. “We were trained to use these precious minutes to block and barricade doors, and we learned how to challenge a person with a weapon,” said Superintendent Pero.

According to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, the next crucial piece to surviving an active shooter event is to care for the wounded until help arrives. Minimizing blood loss is critical. Presenters stressed that many victims in these situations have died from loss of blood, not their wounds. For this reason, PCSD staff were also trained in the use of tourniquets and first aid.  All trained employees were provided personal tourniquets.   

The District Health and Safety Committee along with District leaders are now evaluating this experience to determine how this type of training could be rolled out to the entire PCSD staff.

PCSD would like to thank Sheriff Baxter, Lt. Wicks, the SWAT Team and the entire MCSO for this support and for bringing this valuable training to schools and businesses around Monroe County. We would also like to thank them for their continued presence in our schools.