Inclusivity Advisory Committee Defines its “Success Statement”

The recently formed Inclusivity Advisory Committee has defined a Success Statement that will be used to guide its work. The development of the unanimously adopted Success Statement included all 26 committee members. Each committee member represents a PCSD stakeholder group.

Inclusivity Advisory Committee members presented their work at the November 19, 2018 Board of Education meeting. “This statement answers the question of what success will look like in the year 2025 if PCSD modeled a fully-inclusive environment – it describes our destination. I want to thank this committee and our community for moving us closer to this vision,” said Michael Pero, Superintendent of Schools.   

Success Statement

PCSD is a welcoming and accepting community that engages in authentic dialogue in a respectful, trusting and collaborative environment. Our community celebrates diversity as a strength and fosters empathetic understanding of differences. Inclusivity is evident in word and deed by all involved with PCSD.

Our students are engaged and inspired by diverse role models with varying perspectives, preparing them to succeed in a complex world.

We challenge ourselves to assess outcome measures, refine policy and practices and dismantle bias or barriers. Equity is sustained with resources and innovative solutions to promote student growth.

Diversity and Inclusion is a source of pride for all PCSD members enabling each individual to reach their fullest potential and positively influence the world.

The Inclusivity Advisory Committee provides guidance to the Superintendent of Schools to ensure that PCSD is a place where diversity and differences are viewed as strengths. The committee will analyze multiple types of varied stakeholder data (qualitative and quantitative) to better understand our strengths and areas in need of improvement. Based on this data, the work of the committee may yield guidance/recommendations in areas of inclusivity that may include, but not be limited to, a review of trends and best practices; Board of Education policy, regulations and procedures; professional development; recruitment and retention; community education and outreach; and, curricular, instructional and extracurricular practices.

For more information about the Inclusivity Advisory Committee and to learn about each member of the committee, please visit the District website at