School Bus Stop Reminders

As the cold and snowy winter weather arrives, know that the PCSD Transportation Department actively works to ensure a safe and efficient transportation operation.

The PCSD Transportation Department transports more than 6,500 students each day. While many details come together behind the scenes to help ensure a reliable, safe and consistent transportation schedule, parents and students can also work together to help keep buses running on time. Parents can help ensure an efficient and effective transportation operation by making sure their child(ren) are ready to go and at their bus stops five minutes prior to their scheduled time.

Parents can also help optimize safety at the bus stop by reminding their child(ren) to:

  • Stand 15 feet away from the road while waiting for the bus at their assigned bus stop.
  • Never approach the bus until it has come to a complete stop and the driver has opened the door.
  • Never run after the bus if they arrive late to the bus stop and see the bus pulling away.

Student bus stop safety also relies on motorists. Drivers, please remember to:

  • Watch for children near school buildings, bus stops, school buses and school zones.
  • Pay attention and slow down if you see students waiting at a bus stop.
  • Always stop if the red lights on the school bus are flashing.

Student safety and welfare is the District’s primary concern. The District thanks parents and students for their continuous cooperation with District bus drivers and Transportation Department.

For more information about transportation safety, please review the Student Transportation Handbook on the District’s Transportation webpage.