How the Board of Education develops the Budget Guidelines

As the Board of Education (BOE) prepares to enter a complex budget cycle, our budget guidelines will serve as our beacon of clarity.  The budget guidelines are developed collaboratively by the District Planning Team (DPT), which consists of multiple District stakeholders , and then approved by the BOE. There is significant consideration put forth by both the DPT and the BOE when the guidelines are established, as they will ultimately become the barometer by which budget decisions are measured. Knowing this, setting guidelines that are consistent with our District Vision, Mission, and Core Values is essential.

What are the tenets of our Budget Guidelines?

One tenet when making budgeting decisions is to ensure that we are student focused.  Budget decisions must be for the good of the whole student.  Additionally, we need to be sure that we are creating an environment that provides high quality professional development concentrating on curriculum, assessment and instructional standards as well as our Strategic Initiative and District Vision.  We also have to manage the impact of investment in education with sensitivity to limited resources.  We remain steadfast on fiscal stability and sustainability by making prudent financial decisions.   Finally, we must ensure that we are able to meet state mandates and contractual obligations.  All of the aforementioned are of equal importance when weighing budgetary decisions. 

Why is it important that we have guidelines?

When making difficult decisions there can be many competing interests.  The advantage of having collaboratively developed budget guidelines is the creation of a predetermined common ground which assists in the decision making process that is centered on our Vision, Mission and Core Values.

The Board of Education is committed to work with the entire District team to produce a thoughtful and fiscally responsible budget that is aligned with the budget guidelines.  At this early stage of budget development there are many more questions than answers, as details from the state are still very unclear.  We look forward to working through our process and invite as many community members to participate by attending the scheduled budget workshops.