Board of Education: New Vision Statement for PCSD

As members of your Board of Education, we represent the official policy-making body of the school district, bound by duty and law to best represent our Community’s stakeholders in the public education of our children. Through diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences, each of us comes to the role with one objective: Do what’s best for kids.

In pursuit of that objective, we face a wide variety of difficult decisions, including –

  • Approval of District policy, programs of study, and the hiring of District educators and administrators;
  • Proper maintenance of our schools, equipment, and property; and,
  • Responsible, sustainable operation of our District.

While unanimity around our primary objective never wavers, our diverse perspectives often provide multiple alternatives for achieving it. What a powerful instrument diversity can be! Through healthy dialogue, we seek additional information; we respectfully challenge each other’s thought processes; and we test our theories and hypotheses, examining options in search of the one that’s best for our kids. It is a process that requires each of us to take a step back and remember who we are, why we exist, and where we want to go.

In Pittsford, thanks to the commitment and contributions of hundreds of stakeholders over the past three years, we have established guideposts that help us navigate through rough waters. We Board of Education members have been fully invested throughout the process, both sharing with and learning from colleagues across the District and broader Community. The result of this work is a set of reliable, steadfast, unwavering tools that gently remind us of what our District cherishes most (Values), why our District exists (Mission), and where we want our District to be (Vision).

Public Education, within our District and beyond, has been under extraordinary scrutiny and intense pressure over the past several years. From far and wide, numerous challenges have confronted our students and their families, our educators, our administrators, and yes, even our Board of Education. While others have faltered, Pittsford has maintained a steady course by standing together on the solid foundation we have established through our Values, Mission, and Vision.

When faced with difficult decisions, we Board of Education members have come to rely on this important work to guide us. The Values and Mission work serves as our compass when outside forces seek to change our course, and allows us to remain focused on our oath to do what’s best for kids.

Therefore, we Board of Education members are proud and excited to proclaim unanimous support for our District’s newly released Vision Statement. Upon the Values and Mission groundwork laid over the past few years, we confidently look ahead to pursuing the aspirational objectives of the 21st century student, ultimately realizing the promise of Public Education through a transformational partnership among students, educators, and community.

PCSD Board of Education

Amy J. Thomas, President

Kim McCluski, Vice President

Ted Aroesty

Valerie Baum

Rene Sanchez-Kazacos

Irene Narotsky

Peter Sullivan


PCSD Vision Statement

Pittsford Central School District will be the leader in realizing the promise of public education. We will design a transformational partnership among students, families, professionals, and community, based upon a new definition of success for all:

Our students will navigate a journey of self-discovery, leading them to overcome obstacles, pursue balance and wellness, and personalize their education. They will recognize challenges as opportunities for learning and accomplishment. They will have the skills and competence necessary to understand and thrive in a diverse, global society. During and after their time with us, they will be independent, healthy, resilient, and compassionate contributors to our community and beyond.

Our staff will model the joy of learning. The environment of support and collegiality will make our district a magnet for passionate educators. Instead of categorizing students to fit into current structures, we will design systems to meet student needs.

Our families and community will be welcomed and engaged in educational experiences that dissolve the lines between business, society, and schools. Students will not only view adults as resources, but will themselves be recognized as resources to our community, matching their interests with opportunities to create solutions for real needs.

When this vision is realized, every Pittsford student will have access to personalized opportunities, and acquire skills necessary to meet their potential and fulfill their dreams.