Thank you PCSD Residents for Your Support!

Pittsford residents approved the 2019-20 Pittsford Central School District budget and propositions at the annual election on May 21, 2019. Thank you to the PCSD community for your support.

The results are as follows:

$136,689,421, within the tax cap
Yes: 2,758
No: 712 

Bus Purchase Reserve Proposition
Authorization to purchase nine replacement buses from the existing bus purchase capital reserve fund.

Yes: 3,003
No: 467

Capital Improvements from the General Capital Reserve Proposition
Authorization to withdraw from the “General Capital Reserve Fund” for the partial replacement of the roofs at Barker Road Middle School and Park Road Elementary, the replacement of the fuel farm storage at the Transportation facility and other incidental work associated with said projects.

Yes: 3,117
No: 354

Board of Education: Two seats, three candidates

Amy Thomas: 2,605

Peter Sullivan: 2,187

Tharaha Thavakumar-Slavin: 1,284

WRITE IN CANDIDATE Sareer Fazili: 511