Shelter-in-Place Procedures

Posted by Nancy Wayman on 1/9/2020

Source of Inaccuracy: Facebook

On Monday, January 6, 2020, Sutherland High School conducted a brief shelter-in-place procedure so that medical attention could be given to a staff member. The procedure concluded just prior to the start of first period. The District would like to address questions regarding shelter-in-place procedures.

Shelter-in-place procedures are used for medical emergencies so first responders can safely and efficiently access an incident. This is an important practice considering over 7,000 students, staff members and visitors on District campuses every day. Shelter-in-place procedures are also used during weather-related incidents or bomb threats in order to restrict hallway movement.

When a shelter in place is necessary, the procedure is announced by public address (PA) system. During a shelter in place, students and staff must go to the nearest classroom or office. Students may not leave the classroom; however, classes may continue as normal. When the situation is resolved, it will be announced via the PA system. The school principal will notify parents/guardians of the shelter in place using the parent-provided contact information in Infinite Campus. If parents/guardians’ contact information has changed, they are encouraged to update their information with their child’s school registrar.

Due to the private nature of health information and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the District will not disclose medical information of staff members or students. If parents/guardians have questions or concerns about any incidents, please contact your child’s principal directly. The District appreciates the community’s concern about the well-being of Pittsford staff and students.


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