Attendance Boundary Review

Posted by Laurie Everhart on 3/2/2020

Pittsford Central School District’s Board of Education announced the launch of an Attendance Boundary Review Committee on January 13, 2020, to address a growing student population at Mendon Center Elementary School (MCE) that could exceed capacity as early as 2020-21. The committee’s purpose is to review the MCE enrollment projections that indicate this growth trend and make boundary revision recommendations to the Superintendent and Board of Education by April.

The anticipated outcome of the review will be to move a small portion of the Mendon Center Elementary School attendance boundaries to Allen Creek Elementary School and/or Jefferson Road Elementary School with the newly defined boundaries taking effect at the start of the 2020-21 school year. Students on the Barker Road Middle School to Mendon High School path will NOT be impacted.

Topic of interest: Parent representation on Attendance Boundary Review Committee and transparency of process.

How were committee members chosen, and are parents of MCE students represented?
Committee members include representatives from parent, teacher, staff and administrator stakeholder groups. Members were chosen by the presidents of PCSD’s stakeholder groups, and include:

  • Jeff Cimmerer, Chief Information Officer—Facilitator
  • Patricia Vaughan-Brogan, Director of Student Services
  • Stephanie Barg, Pittsford District Teachers’ Association (PDTA) Building Representative for Allen Creek Elementary School
  • Dwayne Cerbone, PDTA President
  • Heather Clayton, Mendon Center Elementary School (MCE) Principal
  • Michael Delgado, MCE PTSA leader and parent
  • Elizabeth Knowles, MCE Second-grade Teacher/Grade-level Chair and Elementary Academic Council Representative
  • Beth Kramer, PDTA Assistant Building Representative for Jefferson Road Elementary School
  • Larissa Lalka, MCE PTSA leader and parent
  • Christine Laviano, MCE PTSA President and parent
  • Sarah Pelusio, District PTSA Co-President and parent
  • Gina Plattos, MCE PTSA leader, parent and District Planning Team (DPT) Member
  • Lorinda Spring, Reading Paraprofessional, MCE PDTA and DPT Member
  • Jennifer Villareale, PDTA Building Representative for MCE
  • Kristin Wetzel, MCE Fourth-grade Teacher/Grade-level Chair

How is information shared to insure transparency of process?

Communication has been and will continue to be posted to PCSD’s website, homepage news, Facebook and Twitter. Below are links to documents and presentations that have been shared with the community via those vehicles and are currently available at Additionally, emails to families were sent on January 14, 31 and February 6 with information and updates. Public information meetings scheduled for February 4, 25 and March 11 provide(d) another method of information sharing for community members (detailed schedule below).

Schedule of Public Information Meetings

  • February 4 Public Information Meeting
    7 p.m. at Mendon Center Elementary School, Auditorium
  • February 25 Attendance Boundary Review Committee Meeting – open to the public
    6 p.m. at Barker Road Middle School, Meeting Room 1
  • March 11 Public Information Meeting
    7 p.m. at Mendon Center Elementary School, Auditorium

For More Information: Visit to review a comprehensive Q&A document, boundary maps including a map of the area under review, community presentations, background material, and information updates that will occur throughout the attendance boundary review process.

For Questions: Contact Chief Information Officer Dr. Jeff Cimmerer at (585) 267-1084,; or Mendon Center Elementary School Principal Heather Clayton at (585) 267-1401,


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