BOARD INSIGHT: Budget Guideline Development

As part of Pittsford Schools’ annual budget development process, the Board of Education reviews and modifies the District’s budget guidelines every year. This important process establishes a framework for District administrators and supports the Board’s decision-making processes throughout the budget development process. Among the important aspects of our budget review is the regular monitoring of the District’s use of community resources to ensure PCSD’s long-term financial sustainability.

Each year, the budget guidelines from the previous year are reviewed by the Superintendent and the District Planning Team which is made up of District stakeholder groups, including community members, and members of Pittsford District Teachers’ Association (PDTA), Pittsford Educational Office Professionals (PEOP), Pittsford District Administrators Association (PDAA), Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and Central Office Team (COT). The District Planning Team and Superintendent examine each guideline to determine if it continues to be a priority for the District. During this process, the group may revise, add or remove certain guidelines.

Once the District Planning Team and Superintendent have reached consensus on the budget guidelines, the Superintendent presents them to the Board. The Board will conduct a review and make final changes before formally accepting the District’s budget guidelines. All budget decisions are based on the agreed upon budget guidelines.

The District’s long history of fiscal responsibility is a hallmark of the Board and serves as one measure of District success. Budget development and implementation, audit oversight, and fiscal governance require close consideration of not only current needs, but also those extending well into the future. District administrators, staff, and our Board understand that the decisions we make today have a direct impact on the District’s future financial health.

To view the District's 2020-2021 budget guidelines, please click here.