Emergency Alert Buttons in All Schools Increase School Safety

Safety and security is a top priority for the Pittsford Central School District. School safety is often described in terms of layers. The more layers that are in place, the deeper the District’s protection and safety. 

During the past several years, the District has added more security cameras, transitioned to highly fortified Smart Card badge technology for staff entry to buildings, continued to bolster the “See Something, Say Something” campaign, and conducted relationship mapping at all nine of our schools to assess the extent to which our students can identify at least one trusted adult at school.

As another layer of protection, the District has installed Emergency Alert Buttons in every school’s main office. The high schools have an additional button in the principal’s office.

The goal of the Emergency Alert Buttons is to decrease the response time of first responders in the event of an emergency and to notify building occupants of an emergency in real-time.

When an Emergency Alert Button is pressed, the following will occur automatically and simultaneously:

  • Call to 911 to alert emergency responders, which automatically allows the operator to hear what’s happening in the room
  • PA announcement of a lockdown
  • Visual alert to building computer screens and building/classroom telephones
  • Email and text alerts sent to building Incident Management Team and District administrators

The Emergency Alert Buttons were installed and tests of the system were conducted to ensure notifications are working properly.

The District asks its students, families and colleagues to remember, if they see something, say something. This and many other protective factors and layers create a culture where everyone is a significant contributor to overall school safety.