One-to-one Student Technology Program Starting in Grades 6-9

Thanks to the support of the PCSD Community, a proposition was passed by voters during the 2021-22 School Budget Vote that allowed the District to use monies from its Technology Reserve (savings account) to purchase technology devices for student use.

These devices will allow PCSD to provide a District-owned device to students in grades 6-9 and implement a one-to-one student technology environment at Barker Road Middle School, Calkins Road Middle School and 9th grade classes. These devices will also allow the District to replace and recycle devices that are beyond their normal “end of life.”

During the 2020-21 school year, students and educators became skillful at the seamless use of instructional technology to support and deepen learning. As PCSD looks beyond Temporary Learning Models, the District intends to continue to provide students in grades 6-9 with their own laptop.

The District has been working to effectively rollout this initiative throughout the summer and will pilot the one-to-one student technology program during the 2021-22 school year. PCSD will distribute District-owned devices to students in grades 6-9 students during the first weeks of school.

The District will review this pilot program and determine next steps, including the possibility of expanding to additional grade levels in coming years.