Water Testing

Dear Parent/Guardian/Faculty and Staff,

In September 2016, new legislation was enacted that required public schools to test lead levels in water from every outlet that is being used, or could potentially be used, for drinking or cooking.

Over 600 fixtures were tested, including classroom and restroom sinks, even if they were not intended to be used for drinking. Of the more than 600 samples tested, 22 did not meet the NYS Education Department’s threshold of 15 ppb. Immediate action was taken by turning off and/or placing a “do not drink” sign on these fixtures:

PCSD Building                                                                          Restroom/Classroom Sinks

Allen Creek Elementary School                                                     2 sinks
Jefferson Road Elementary School                                              1 sink
Mendon Center Elementary School                                             2 sinks
Park Road Elementary School                                                       5 sinks
Thornell Road Elementary School                                               6 sinks
Barker Road Middle School                                                           1 sink
Calkins Road Middle School                                                          1 sink
Mendon High School                                                                       2 sinks
Sutherland High School                                                                 2 sinks                                                                                                                  

Remediation of these sink fixtures may include replacement, repairs or taking them offline. Then, retesting will be conducted on the corrected units. “Do not drink” signage will remain until such units meet the mandated 15 ppb or less threshold.

The sampling in Pittsford CSD was conducted by an independent third-party environmental consulting firm, which utilized a NYS certified laboratory National Testing Laboratory for testing, laboratory result summaries of this latest round of tests, as well as the 2016 test results, can be found on the District website at www.pittsfordschools.org/water. You will also find resources to assist in informing you about the recently enacted legislation, a sample of the “do not drink” signage we are posting, and links to other state and federal websites for more information.

As always, the health and safety of our students and staff is our first priority. While the state mandate requires testing every five years, the PCSD will continue to monitor and test throughout our remediation periods. If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me or your child’s principal.

Wishing you a wonderful school year,

Michael D. Pero
Superintendent of Schools