Canceled or Late Buses due to Bus Driver Shortage

As we continue with the school year, we appreciate parents who are able to drive their children to school in the face of the national school bus driver shortage. PCSD has already had to canceled bus runs home from school, combine runs home making them late and had to cancel some after-school bus runs this school year despite every effort to find substitute drivers and having our licensed office personnel/mechanics driving buses.

In the event that our staff is further short-handed on any given day due to absences, please be aware that parents/guardians will be contacted via an email from the Transportation Director Carla Grove. We will reach out to impacted families as soon we know there is an issue.

These notifications may include information that your child(ren)’s bus to school may be as much as an hour or two late, or that we will be unable to transport students home from school or to/from after-school activities. After-school activities and athletics will be canceled if bus runs are canceled. Every effort is made to avoid these situations, but we felt it was prudent to make parents/guardians aware of the distinct possibility that these scenarios are possible in the current environment.

If you know of someone who may be interested in a career with PCSD driving a school bus, please share this link to the application: Transportation / Jobs in Transportation (