BOARD INSIGHTS: Gratitude for Our PCSD Community

As we enter the holiday season, the Board of Education feels this is an opportune time for families, neighbors and the broader community to reflect on what we have been through, and to acknowledge that although we have much work to do, and still have challenges before us, we also have many things for which to be grateful.

The Board of Education would like to express our deepest gratitude to the students, families, caregivers, support staff, educators, administrators, and the broader Pittsford community for the relentless care and concern shown for each other during these historically challenging times. Throughout this pandemic, the entire Pittsford community has continually come together to support our students. This is evident every day in the sacrifices made, and the hard work put in by our community. The ways in which our community has come together to support our students are too numerous to list in totality and would fill many volumes that the space in this newsletter simply will not permit.

Some of the many ways in which our community has risen up to support the students include:

  • Pitching in and driving students to and from school when social distancing and a driver shortage presented transportation challenges

  • Supporting students through hybrid and fully-remote temporary learning models during the 2020-2021 school year

  • Following health protocols, including daily health screening surveys

  • Sending students to schools with masks

  • Keeping students home from school when they experience COVID-19 symptoms

  • Having students tested before returning to school

  • Tirelessly advocating at the state and local levels, not only for equitable funding, but for thoughtful return-to-school policies and protocols

The community came together for the students in numerous other ways including, but certainly not limited to, senior parades through the Village of Pittsford, graduations and senior balls at our high schools, and PTSA events such as Light the Loop and outdoor Halloween parades at elementary schools, middle school fun nights, and the Super Sale in our neighborhoods!

The dedicated administration, faculty and staff restructured what learning and the school day would look like and feel like in a modified environment, all while working to make the student experience as close to normal as possible as all the of District’s students returned to school full in-person learning this year. The care, compassion and dedication shown by every single employee of the District to our students, many of whom are struggling to maintain their own health and care for their own families, has been inspiring.

It is with the deepest gratitude that the Board of Education thanks the entire Pittsford Central School District community for its partnership and tireless dedication to the students. We acknowledge the sacrifices you have all made to get to this point and commit to working together to meet the challenges that still lie ahead.

- Pittsford Central School District Board of Education