PCSD’s Equity and Inclusion Goals Guide Changes to Curriculum

The Board of Education has adopted Equity and Inclusion Goals for 2021-22 to guide the District in its commitment to ensure equity and inclusion for all students. The goals were created during an intensive summer workshop by a leadership team of 80 stakeholders including parents, educators, administrators, community and Board of Education members. In the process of creating the updated goals, the group focused on the “why” behind the District’s equity work and used a number of resources, including the District’s Education Equity and Excellence Policy, NYS Board of Regents Call to Action, Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Framework, Inclusivity Advisory Committee (IAC) Success Statement, and the District’s mission, vision and values.

The Equity and Inclusion Goals encompass the whole District, and work is already underway to complete these goals. Specific to PCSD curriculum, these goals include:

  • Ensuring that common resources used for K-12 ELA instruction represent the diversity within our student population and provide students opportunities to both see themselves and understand the experience of others

  • Updating the K-12 Social Studies curriculum to reflect our commitment to the NYSED Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education Framework

  • Integrating NYSED SEL Benchmarks into all new/revised curriculum units

  • Examining the process used to identify students for AP Classes across all subject areas and schools to identify specific barriers creating inequity

  • Evaluating and recommending any necessary changes to 4th-6th grade math grouping practices in order to ensure equitable access to higher level courses and to support student confidence in their perception of themselves as learners

  • Creating and implementing Equity Analysis Protocols so that educators and administrators have shared transparency and accountability

  • Embedding professional learning opportunities within building-level and district-level structures for all faculty and staff that address and promote equity and inclusivity as defined in the Educational Excellence and Equity Policy

The District has also created an Equity Toolkit to help educators in creating an equitable, safe and welcoming environment. The toolkit includes documents that provide support and advice for topics such as fostering cultural awareness in the classroom, turning challenging moments into teachable moments and responding to bias.

PCSD shares the goals of creating and sustaining learning environments that are welcoming and affirming; where all students are treated respectfully and with dignity; and where difficult, necessary, and brave conversations can take place productively. The work to complete the Equity and Inclusion Goals will require PCSD to think critically about some of its long-held assumptions and practices while keeping in mind the PCSD Core Values of being collaborative, student centered, supportive of all, progressive, and focused on continuous improvement.