VIDEO: Thornell Road Elementary School 50th Anniversary Time Capsule and Cornerstone

Video Link – Thornell Road Elementary School marks its 50th anniversary with time capsule and cornerstone rededication:

As Pittsford Central School District celebrates 75 years since its founding, Thornell Road Elementary School is celebrating its 50th anniversary. School officials marked this special occasion by retrieving a time capsule that was placed within the cornerstone of that building on November 5, 1971 and held a rededication ceremony on November 5, 2021.

Among the items stored in the copper box from 1971 were local and national newspapers with stories about President Nixon, inflation and draft boards being ransacked in protest to the military draft. Also enclosed were various PCSD publications from 1971, including a staff calendar, District newsletters, teachers’ salary schedule, staff by-laws, class schedules, Board of Education meeting minutes, student handbooks and more.

A new time capsule was created that holds the original items from 1971, similar artifacts from 2021, and unique items like a youth-sized face mask that reflects this moment in history and the COVID-19 pandemic. The new time capsule was sealed within the cornerstone at the conclusion of the rededication ceremony.

During the ceremony, which was live streamed to classrooms, Superintendent of Schools Michael Pero, Board of Education President Amy Thomas and Thornell Road Elementary School Principal Roger DeBell spoke about the history and significance of this anniversary. Joining them were two former Thornell Road Elementary School students Daisy Davis and Peter Dohr, who were present at the 1971 cornerstone ceremony, spoke about their experiences from the 1971 ceremony and their fond memories of PCSD.